Why Festung Saint-Malo Archives ?

Keen on about photography and history, i started to use my camera at the end of 1980's in Saint-Malo area.

Atlantic wall remnants are so numerous that i did not miss to photography them.

During the 80's until the mid-90's, many German bunkers were still accessibles or visibles.
But because of cities and industries extensions, many ones are now re-used or demolished.
Some are closed or buried ...

But there is a lot to see anymore, so I did more photos from 2001 to 2007 about some places i've visited
a long time ago without camera.

Concrete lost, pictures stay...

Festung Saint-Malo Archives webmaster


The author discovers a Swiss fallout shelter !    11.08.2007 - Canton of Bern.

           Armoured door                                     Air system                  "German bunker made" emergency exit

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