Cézembre Island

Codename: Ostwall

This rocky island in Saint-Malo bay has lived a tragic history during august-september 1944
while US army was liberated the area of german occupation.

In 1942, Organisation Todt decided to build a stronghold with a long range battery,
and like this, protects the bay of navy invasion.
It could crosses fires with batteries from Channel Islands too.

Main guns were six French 194 m/m 1870 model last used during World War I
by French army as railroad battery.
A Flak battery, with many 75 m/m French anti-aircraft guns
and 20 m/m German guns, has protected island of air attacks.

Original photos from " Die Wermacht " propaganda magazine.
- Left: 194 m/m gun inside its open emplacement.
- Right: telemetric shelter on top of command bunker M157.

P.Villeneuve's collection

Early august 1944, U.S. army started to bomb island, while 400 german soldiers
of Marine Artillerie Abteilung 608, leaded by Oberleutnant Richard Seuss,
decided to never surrender...

From " Die Wermacht " propaganda magazine

                                           P.Villeneuve's collection

This strategic place has delayed U.S. army on the way to Brest,
and intensive bombardment has continued 4 weeks !

Napalm, sadly famous weapon of Vietnam war was first tried here
on 17th august 1944 by U.S. air force.

In spite of casualties, non-stop attacks, and with help of Jersey troops,
the garrison has kept the island until 2nd september 1944,
with 300 wounded and 40 safe soldiers at the end.

Now, you're going to visit this still preserved battlefield of World War II.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This island was most bombed place of World War II.
If you visit it one day, know that the battlefield aera is officialy forbidden.
There's still alive ammunitions in the ground. The visit there is at your own risk.

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