Festung Saint-Malo Archives
Photos and infos about Atlantic wall and bunkers from this area.
Saint-Malo is at the western Europe top, in Brittany.                                                                

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 Stronghold Cézembre island

Command bunker M157
Ile de Cézembre 

  [ 1984 -1990 -1995 ]
This island is a well-preserved battlefield of World War II.
Many damaged guns and bunkers are still there among bomb holes done by U.S. army attacks.
An artist has lived there

Angel - Climber Fritz - Angler
Spider - Mail - Kriegsmarine boat
Not enough food
Three nice ladies
"Bunkerwaschfrau" - Brothel
Gift - Pied-de-nez - Soldier

Bedroom walls panoramic

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Somewhere in Festung Saint-Malo

[ 2001 ]
In the bedroom of a flooded bunker,
an unknow german artist shows
in a cartoon what's in soldiers mind of the Atlantic wall.
Camouflage on a rare bunker

Guns side
Along river Frémur

[ 2001]
The last bunker known with camouflage paint.This rare R642 model was designed for both machinegun and 47 m/m Skoda fortress gun.
 Kreiskommandantur bunkers

Large bunker
Gunbunkers for 50 m/m
FT 17 tank turet
Saint-Servan - Arsenal

[ 2001 - 1986 ]
At mouth of river Rance, a small stronghold for Kreiskommandantur and Feldgendarmerie leaded by artillery capitain Engelhart.
 Lost Flak battery

Flooded L409
Searchlight L411 - Inside L410
20 m/m gun pivots
Pleurtuit Airport

[ 1989 ]
Warning :

Complete Flak battery was demolished a few years ago, because of airport enlargement.

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