All has started with this board found back in 1990 in Saint-Malo.

Werkstätte des
Heeres-Kraftfahr-Park 528
Auftragserteilung von Kraftfahrzeug Instandhaltungs Arbeitsanstalt
Avenue Charles Prevet. Paramé.

Pierre Villeneuve's collection.                                                                 

Workshop of the
Army Truck Unit 528
Acting under orders of the Truck-maintenance Workinstitution
Avenue Charles Prevet. Paramé.

The Avenue Charles Prevet at Paramé ( a St-Malo suburb )
still exist. There was a bunker at the top of this avenue, front of the sea.

But it doesn't there anymore...

Only a concrete wall with a relief camouflage of rocks is still visible.
Anyway, this bunker was originaly built for Kriegsmarine troops,
and not for a truck-maintenance garage.

A few steps away on the left...

This safeguard house stands on a tubruk.

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