Festung Saint-Malo Archives
Photos and infos about Atlantic wall and bunkers from this area.
Saint-Malo is at the western Europe top, in Brittany.                                                                

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A coastal defence camp

Fence stakes - Gunbunker
Gunbunker - Bunker R600
Gunbunker R612 - Bomb craters
Gunbunker R612 and tobruk filled in
Bunker R600 and tobruk filled in
R600 entry and ammunition room

Bunker R600 bedroom
Casemate - Anti-landing obstacles
Observation casemate R693b
Shelter - Personnel bunker R501

- Pointe du Meinga

[ 2003 ]
A camp on a pointe designed to protect beaches.
Stronghold La Varde

Machinegun bunker with its cupola
Three differents bunkers
Observation cupola
Two photos from 1984
1985 extra photos by Andy

Saint-Malo east
- Pointe de la Varde

[ 1993 ]
Stronghold La Varde is still a good place to visit, except few bunkers closed by bars.
Hospital bunkers

Board - Hospital bunker R118
Red cross - First aid bunker R661
- Hopital du Rosais

[ 2001]
Festung Saint-Malo main military hospital.
 A small coastal stronghold

Anti-tank gun bunker R504
Gunbunkers - MG bunker R105c
Special gunbunker - R501
 Saint-Briac - Golf [ 2001 ] Located at left side of river Rance which splits Festung Saint-Malo in two. Bunkers there were coded
Ra Bw  ( Rance Bauwerk = Construction area Rance ).
 Investigation about a board

HKP 528
Paramé - Rochebonne

[ 2001 ]
Looking for where this board was fixed on. Garage or bunker ?

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