Festung Saint-Malo Archives
Photos and infos about Atlantic wall and bunkers from this area.
Saint-Malo is at the western Europe top, in Brittany.                                                                

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Alet's citadel guns

Guns look completes

Attack over citadel - 1944 UK news
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- Cité d'Alet

[ 1984 ]
These sabotaged guns are inside Alet's citadel underground base.
It was Festung Saint-Malo headquarter commanded by Colonel Von Aulock, a Stalingrad veteran.
Organisation Todt /
Kriegsmarine bunker
Anatomy of a bunker
Have a look at its plan / history
Saint-Malo harbor
- Sillon seawall

[ 1988 ] 
Demolition of this bunker
[ 1994 ]

Concrete carpet
Extra photos by a neighbour
Flak bunkers
in good condition

Command bunker L404
Open emplacement for 88 m/m gun
Front L401A
Underground shelter
Dinard - L'Orillois  

[ 1988 ]
This Flak battery was one of the best preserved, but a housing development is in progress now.
It will never look like this anymore...
A special officers bunker

Front and inside
Door and close combat defence
Telephonic insulators - Back
- La Briantais

[ 2001 ]
La Briantais castle and its park around were occupied by german troops all war long.
This bunker was specially made for officers.
Frémur anti-tank line

Wides views over valley
Concrete dams

Festung Saint-Malo West - Pleurtuit[ 1989 ] River Frémur was used as an anti-tank natural obstacle.
Five concrete dams were built to keep the water.

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