Festung Saint-Malo Archives
Photos and infos about Atlantic wall and bunkers from this area.
Saint-Malo is at the western Europe top, in Brittany.                                                                

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Radar station defence bunkers

Barbed wire stake - Shelter
Gunbunker R667 with its 50 mm gun
50 m/m KwK gun
Smoke hoover - Gun tube
MG nest - Barbed wires

Gunbunker R612 - Gun track
Ammunitions bunkers
MG casemate
Personnel bunker
Inside personnel bunker

Observation tower
Tobruk - Radar bunkers
Inscriptions - Top radar bunker
Radar emplacement - Bunker R502
Gunbunker R667 with its 50 mm gun
Covered tobruks
Anti-tank gun bunker R504
Inside bunker R504
Bunker R600 with gun emplacement
Inscriptions inside bunker R600

Gunbunker R667
Inside gunbunker R667 with storage

- La Barbe Brulée

- Pointe du Grouin

[ 2003 ]
A radar station was built on a strategic place on Pointe du Grouin top at Festung Saint-Malo east end. It moved on may 1944 to Channel Islands, but the defence system, useless at liberation, remains around.

Bay defence bunkers

Anti-tank gun bunker R504
Codenumber Ra Bw 405
Gunbunker R667 for 50 m/m
R501 with extra storages - Tobruk

Special gunbunker

- La Palmeraie
- Le Prieuré

[ 2002 ]
These bunkers are along a bay,
left bank of river Rance, front of Saint-Malo old city.

Curious beach bunkers

R667 - R105c combination
R667 - Codenumber Bw 440

R667 top - Trench - Toilet
R667 triple cross

Special MG bunker
Cupola - 1995 photo - No bunker
- Longchamps
- Grande plage

[ 2003 ]
Some bunkers were combined to make a triple cross fire system to protect a beach near Stronghold
La Garde Guerin. An unusual MG bunker with a concrete cupola is also visible close to there.

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