Festung Saint-Malo Archives
Photos and infos about Atlantic wall and bunkers from this area.
Saint-Malo is at the western Europe top, in Brittany.                    Click here if you do not see left frame.

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21 photographics topics about bunkers and defences from the most complete Festung
( fortress ) built by Organisation Todt for German Occupation forces during World War II.
 Over 500 bunkers, shelters, gunbunkers, tobruks built from march 1942 to august 1944.
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Stronghold Grand Bé

Propaganda - Island - FT17 tubruk
Observation post - Road - Control
Fire control bunker
M272 - Anti-aircraft bunker - Access

Chateaubriand's grave - Trench
20 m/m gun Flak bunker - Trench

French Vauban fort shelter
Observation post - Trenches
Ammunition shelter & bunker

Gunbunker M272 in 1947 and now
Personnel bunker R621 - Trench
Trench - Observation posts
M272 gunbunker emplacement
Toilet & shelter - Observation post
Trenches - Carved elephant

- Grand Bé Island

[ 2002 - 2007 ]

[ 1947 ]
An old french Vauban fort has let place for a Navy long-range battery with four 105 m/m gun, built on this island in 1942 and occupied by the Marine Artillerie Abteilung 608. It is also the grave of the famous XIXth century french romantic poet, François-René de Chateaubriand.

Defences in an old fortress.

50 m/m KwK gun platform
Loophole - Crew shelter - Gun pivot

Loopholes - Observation post
Loopholes - Sea water tank

- Duguesclin Island

[ 2004 ]
On this island, old french Vauban fort walls were drilled to built concrete loopholes and defence system.

Anti-landing defences.

Kriegsmarine map - Betontetraeders
The beach 1944 - Betontetraeders
1944 Defences - Betontetraeders
- Grand Plage du Sillon

[ 2007 ]
[ 1944 ]
After a heavy storm, many Betontetraeders reappeared on the beach. Betontetraeder  = german designation for the anti-landing obstacle shaped tetrahedron.

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