Festung Saint-Malo - liberation, bunkers and related topics:

 This genuine board found in Saint-Malo means Regiment Thunderbolt Ohio,
this is a nickname for the 83rd U.S. Div. which has liberated Festung Saint-Malo in august 1944 :

The battle for Saint-Malo and Dinard - G.I. Rolland Despres roadbook
Thrill with this narration about Festung Saint-Malo attack by forces.
Many originals photos from the liberation battle.

Into the Hornet's Nest - Attack by the 83rd U.S. Div.
An other narration about Festung Saint-Malo attack, with a map.

Urban warfare in Saint-Malo, France 
Great photo from the website
The Price of Freedom : Americans at War

Lee Miller Archives - 1944 Bombs bursting on the Fortress of St. Malo France
Original photo from Lee Miller war photograph - U.S.bombing on Alet's Citadel.

The Burning of Saint Malo by Philip Beck
Saint-Malo wall-closed city tragics last hours. 80% has been destroyed by flames.

Saint-Malo au mois d'août 1944
French - History of the liberation of Saint Malo in August 1944 with photos, documents and publications.

Fortress of St. Malo 1944
From Axis History Forum dedicated to discussions on the World Wars.

La force du destin - La libération de Cancale par André Roty

French - A narration about liberation of Cancale. A small city at Festung Saint-Malo east end.

Eichenlaubträger Andreas von Aulock - Oberst, Grenadiere
German - FestungKommandant biography with a photo.

Richard Seuss - Marine Artillerie Abteilung 608 Oberleutnant on Cézembre Island

German - Short biography of duty.

The Atlantic Wall - Linear museum - Stützpunkt Ra n° 230
Description about Stronghold Cité d'Alet with maps, photos, typology.
Webpage by architectural research by the DPA (Department of Architecture) of the Politecnico of Milan, Italy.

Fortifications littorales : le Mur de l'Atlantique
French - Great Region Bretagne official study about the Atlantic wall in Brittany with photos, maps, typology.
> Direct links to Stronghold Cité d'Alet - Stronghold Grand Bé - Air photos > Cezembre island - Fort de La Varde <

Stp. Ra 109 / Fort de la Varde
Webpage about the Stronghold La Varde.
Stp. Ra 230 / Fort de la Cité / Die Zitadelle
Webpage about the Stronghold Cité d'Alet.
Stp. Ra 237 L - Stp. Ra 155a / Batterie Kahlenbach - Stp. Ra 157 / M.K.B. Lunaire
Webpage about batteries on the left bank river Rance.
From the website World War 2 Sites - On the trail of the Second World War in Europe

La Flak à Saint-Malo et sa région - Reserve-Festungs-FlaK

La Flak à Dinard & sa région
French - Two webpages about Flak in Saint-Malo and Dinard - With photos and maps.
Le Bois Pertuit
French - Webpage with photos about light bunkers near Pleurtuit Airport.
From the website Association Bretonne du Souvenir Aérien 39-45 - World War II planes crashes research in Brittany.

Mémorial 39/45 
French - Officials infos about the museum
located in a huge two-level Flak bunker in Alet's Citadel.
World War II originals photos and from the museum.

WWII Memorial in Saint-Malo
Infos out of date ! Webpage with one famous cupola for machinegun.

Epaves de Saint-Malo - Walter Darré - Hinrich Hey
French - Webpage about " R. Walther Darré " and " Hinrich Hey " wrecks, with photos.
Vorpostenboot-Flotille 2 Kriegsmarine patrol boats sunk in 1944 in Saint-Malo bay.

Pierre Demalvilain
French - Biography of a young partisan in Saint-Malo during World War II.
With originals drawings, studies about German military occupation and a Saint-Servan defence system handmade map.

Reconstruction of Saint-Malo port lock | Reconstruction des écluses de Saint-Malo
When leaving the city, German troops have destroyed the port and its installations to let them unusuable by allied.
Photos from the 40's end when the port lock was rebuilt.

Le déminage: Témoignages
French - About the cleaning of german minefields in Saint-Lunaire near Dinard in 1944-45.
With photos of anti-landing obstacles, POW and mine explosion.

Dinard, depuis l'hôtel

Tourist in Dinard has taken this photo of R680 bunker for anti-tank gun.

General infos about Atlantic wall bunkers and related websites:

Bunker Encyclopædia
French forum - Management of 1930-40's German fortifications, for connoisseurs.

Achtung ! Feind hört mit !

Finest website about "Bunkerart".
Amazing photos about frescos, slogans, instructions, camouflages still preserved on Atlantic wall bunkers .

Le Mur de l'Atlantique - Der Atlantikwall
French - Website for "bunkerarchaeology" beginners or connoisseurs.
All you wanted to know about Atlantic wall bunkers, but were afraid to ask.

European Bunkersite
Report about remnants of Atlantic wall all around Europe.
Gives you the way to find them.
> Direct link to
Festung Saint-Malo webpages <

Index des Regelbauten
French - Index of German bunker construction standard with 3D plans.

Le site du Regelbau 504
French - Everything about this anti-tank gunbunker with photos, stuff, frescos and many more.

World War II Battlefield Relics

Helmets, weapons, medals, items dug out from battlefields in Europe and Pacific.
French - The Normandy Landings.
Photo report about Atlantic wall bunkers in Normandy and pillboxes in south England.


Pictures, locations, information about bunkers from WW2, The Atlantikwall and the Cold War.

WN2000 website

Dutch - Latest news on the IJmuiden region, walking tours, interesting facts about bunkers
and the "bunker archive" with information on the former Festung IJmuiden.

Widerstandsnest 82 of Batterij Olmen
Dutch - An other website about the Festung IJmuiden.

The Serpent's wall
World War II
military archaeology around Kiev, Ukraine.

Festung Posen i nie tylko... czyli stary Poznañ na fotografii
- Festung Posen and more... that is old Poznan on photography.

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